Second Project On New Serger

I had so much fun making a new sweatshirt for Douglas that I had to try something else.  Today, I made a zippered bag I'm going to use for my toiletries when going on trips.  It should pack nicely in the side bags on my motorcycle!

After cutting my fabrics, I made the pull tabs.  I serged a long thread chain, folded the pull tab fabric over the chain, then serged the seam, making sure the chain wasn't stitched.  Then I pulled the chain to turn the tab right sides out.

All turned right sides out and pressed.  Next step was to cut in half.

I pressed fusible fleece to the wrong side of the main fabric.  Then I stitched the main fabric and lining fabric pieces to the zipper, leaving the ends of the zipper out a ways from the edge of the fabric.  Those ends will later get cut off.

I got the zipper all in to my satisfaction after only two tries and one rip out.  Oh well - that's how I learn!

Next, I pinned the edges together.  I cut off the zipper that was extending past the edge before I serged.

Edges all serged.

Next, I squared the corners by marking, pinning, and serging.

Tucking in the thread chains.

Thread chains all tucked in.  I was fairly happy with the way the seams looked.  They're getting easier as I stitch more.  Funny how that works....haha ;)

Bag turned right sides out and all done!

Yup - I like it!