New Colors of Spool Pin Doilies

I got a bunch of new colors of crochet thread and have been busy making more spool pin doilies out of it.  I have 9 new colors.  There is Burgundy, Multi-Oranges, Multi-Greens, Lime Green, Multi-Yellows, Multi-Pink Camo, Aqua, Multi-Passionata, and Multi-Blues.

This brings the total colors available to 40 to choose from!  I have them for sale in my Carter Creek Quilts Etsy shop.

Here are 3 of the new ones on a machine.  This one is Burgundy.
 This is the Multi-Oranges.
 This is the Multi-Pink Camo.

I think I just have too much fun making this cute little doilies.  I have them on all of my machines too.


  1. these are so pretty and look lovely on the featherweight, much better that a piece of felt. maybe I will try and make some but my crochet skills are very limited

    1. Hi Margaret. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to send this to you so just did a copy & paste. These are my directions for the spool pin doilies. I posted these in a Facebook group for Featherweights, so am happy to share with you. Have fun!

      © 2015 Cynthia L. Foster, All Rights Reserved
      Revised 02/14/2016

      Finished size: Approximately 2" diameter
      #1 (US Size or 2.75 mm) steel crochet hook.
      Crochet Cotton Thread Size 10

      Ch 7. Join with sl st to form circle.

      Ch 1. 12 sc around. Join to top of beg ch 1.

      Ch 3. 1 dc, ch 1 in each sc around. Join to top of beg ch 3.

      Ch 3. **2 dc in space - 1 dc in dc.** Repeat **-** around. Join to top of beg ch 3.

      Ch 1. **Sk 1 dc, 6 dc in next dc, sk 1 dc, sc in next dc.** Repeat **-** around. Join to top of beg ch 1. Fasten off & cut thread.

      Weave loose ends of thread into back of doily.

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