I Finally Got A Serger - After 49 Years of Sewing

I've been thinking lately about doing garment sewing again.  With all the wonderful knit fabrics out now, I want to try some of them.  However, almost all of my machines are vintage and straight stitch only.  I have a newer Brother that has quite a few decorative and utility stitches, but nothing really suited to sewing knits.  So, I decided I needed to get a serger.  Since I've sewn for 49 years without one, I knew this would be quite a challenge and learning curve for me.

I decided on a Brother 1034D since those looked to be pretty basic for a serger.  I got it last week and have been watching lots of videos on how to operate one of the little buggers.  After information overload, I thought I would give it the hands on try.

My Brother 1034D.

Sewing some test pieces to check stitching.

The stitches don't look bad, so it's time to start the project.

Oh man...what happened to the stitches??

Well duh - they turn out so much better with the presser foot DOWN!

Stitching, stitching....

All done except for weaving in the thread chains.  Some of the seams don't look very good (those are the ones done with the presser foot up), but most turned out pretty good.
Now to weave in the thread chains using a yarn needle.

This leaves a nice finish to the seams.

Aw Mom......

It's a shame how I mistreat my pooch....haha.  He hates wearing clothes, but he needed a nice, warm sweatshirt.  He acts like he can't walk with it on.  I think it fits okay, but I do need to do some tweeking with how the sleeves fit.  It pulls a bit through the chest area.  Please ignore the thread chains sticking out.  This picture was before I wove them in.

All in all, I'm pleased with how my first serger project turned out.  Now, on to lots more stuff!


  1. have fun with your serger, I have a brother but think in the 15 years since I bought it I only used it to neaten edges on evenweave fabric before doing embroidery must find a home for it as it is still like new and I know I will never use it again

  2. I have a newly acquired Serger and have not sewn the 1st stitch on it yet. Please point me in the direction of a tutorial on Sergers. Thanks!

    1. Hi Carol. I went on YouTube and searched for my serger "Brother 1034d." I found quite a few how-to videos. I don't have a "favorite" video, but just watched several. Be careful of people who don't really know what they're talking about though. You will be able to spot them. Every once in a while, I saw a video someone did who couldn't even name the parts they were referring to on the machine. Yikes! Have fun with your serger. I sure am with mine :)

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