Weekend Local Christmas Bazaar

Whew......I'm still tired!  I had a wonderful 3-day weekend at the local Town & Country Christmas Bazaar.  I got to see so many familiar faces there and had lots of good visiting with them.  There were over 200 vendors selling their handmade products.  There were wood carvings, candles, soaps, quilted & knitted items, jewelry (one of my favorites!!), alpaca fleece products, sewn items, leather products, knives, food (cookies, candies, pies and more) and many, many other things.  Of course, there were quilted things too.

This is an annual event I have come to enjoy very much.  Everyone, vendors and customers alike, are always full of the Christmas spirit.  Here is a picture of my space.


  1. sounds like a great place to visit wonder if you were able to see much though if you were having your own booth

    1. No, I didn't get to stroll around to see many of the other booths unfortunately. I had to get peeks of the booths that were on the way to & from the restroom.


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