It's Time For More Christmas Quilts!

After hanging up the measly few Christmas quilts I have left, I decided it was high time to make more!  I seem to have given most of the ones I made away - gosh, it's funny how that happens all the time!

So, I got busy on my EQ7 and came up with some designs to start on.  The trouble with that is every time I start designing, I keep coming up with more and more designs so it makes it very hard to decide on just one.  Well, guess what.......I'm not stopping at one!

Okay, so I finally decided on a design and printed it off, chose my fabrics from my Christmas stash, and cut the pieces.

I decided to use my trusty Singer 401A for piecing.  I still go back to it time and again for this type of stitching.  It's one of my favorites :)

After stitching the blocks together for the first one, I played with the layout of the blocks and came up with four layouts I liked.
 I liked all of them, but after asking for comments on Facebook and Instagram, and looking at each one many, many times, I finally decided to go with the more traditional one in the upper right.

I stitched all of the blocks together and added a border.

Tomorrow I will start quilting it and will probably also work on stitching pieces together for two others I cut ;)  Ya know, I just can't work on only one project at a time!  How about you?


  1. Those are beautiful. I have something similar that a friend sent me, blocks and a quilt top with cats and christmas prints, so hopefully I can quilt them for next year.


    1. Thank you Debbie :) Since I'm so late getting started on these, I suspect I'll still be stitching on them until after the first of the year, so these will be hung next Christmas.

  2. all the block designs look good and yes you have picked my favourite. Thinking of getting EQ7 but struggle with whether I will use it enough to justify it. Does it tell you how to cut the pieces etc or just do the design and also how much fabric, I know so little but see so many people seem to use it for design

    1. I've used EQ to design most of my quilts since EQ5. I do better with my thought processes and getting it down in writing by using the computer rather than drawing with pencil and paper. I can capture my thoughts quicker that way. I love it, but is certainly doesn't work for everyone. You just have to go with what works best for you.
      Once you've designed a quilt, EQ will tell you what you need to know to rotary cut, use templates (it will create the template outlines for you), paper piece (it will create the paper piecing outline for you), or however you want to cut. It will also do an estimate of how much fabric you'll need.
      I would be lost without it. Hope this helps :) Happy sewing!


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