Building Display Racks

Today Hubby built a couple of rotating display racks (with my help, of course!) so I will have a more attractive display for my patterns.  It was colder than a.........well, you know, but we bundled up and got them done enough for painting.  After painting, the top and bottom pieces will be attached, then the lazy-susan base pieces.  These will be a much nicer way to display my patterns at shows.

These are the end, top, and lazy-susan base pieces.

This is one of the displays.  Each display will hold 4 patterns per side which is 16 per display.

Of course Douglas had to be there to ;)


  1. I am an AVID paper piecers and summer is my favorite season! (

  2. This block looks so complicated . . . but the EQ settings you provided might lure me into trying it. Congratulations on the inclusion of your block in Vol. 10. (My block, Intersections, is also in the magazine, so there is no need to enter me in your drawing.)


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