Back To Pincushions

Well, I got through the blog hop.  What fun that was!  Thanks to everyone who participated and commented on my blog.  I'm still in awe over all the nice comments I got on my block.  Wow! I got back to making more pincushions to take to the Town & Country Christmas Bazaar.  This time, I'm using 4 oz. canning jars and putting the pincushions on the lids.  That way, the jar can be used for sewing supplies like buttons, ribbons, or whatever.  Scrunching the filling into the fabric while trying to hold on to the jar lid makes me think a third hand might be a big help.....haha.

I printed off a bunch of pictures of buttons and am cutting them to fit the jars.  I'm hoping it will display them a little better.

This is some cute "quilter" fabric that I thought would be fun for the pincushions.

I'm hoping to finish up all the jars tomorrow and then on to more projects!