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Projects, Projects, Projects

Yup, I have at least a dozen projects I'm working on right now and all are in various stages of completion.  I'm trying to get several done to have on display at my vendor space at the Santiam Scrappers Quilt Show the end of September.  I'm keeping my finger crossed I'll get most of them done in time.  You know though, if I didn't have several projects going at the same time, I just wouldn't be happy.....that's how I flow.

So, here are a couple I worked on today.  I got the applique almost done on the Celtic Summer wall hanging.  I have to finish the machine stitching around the edges of the applique with the monofiliment thread.  Here is a picture of the pieces layed out on the table.

Close-up of the applique center.

These are blocks for a block-of-the-month I've been doing through  I like the bandanna prints I picked out for this one.  I can't wait to get all of the pieces assembled to see what it will look like.

I'll try to keep …

New Pattern Coming - Lattice Be Happy

Image's been a while since I posted on here. So sorry, but I've been going through a "dry spell" if you know what I mean.  Sometimes the creative juices just don't want to flow.  In the meantime, I've been enjoying the summer and have gotten out for a few nice rides and have seen some beautiful and interesting sights :)

Well.....on to what this post is about ;)  I've been working on a new bed runner pattern. I call it "Lattice Be Happy."  It will have two sizes:  Twin/Full and Queen.  It will have options for the block:  using just two fabrics for the entire quilt to give the "lattice" effect and the option of adding applique flowers

OR adding a dark fabric for the block centers to give a different look.

I've competed a quilt top in Twin/Full size using two fabrics (white and a medium green print).  My next step will be to add applique flowers.  I will post more pictures after I get the flower stitched on.  (I took the picture…