Friday, January 11, 2013

Arrows In My Heart - Block Instructions

Following are instructions on how to make a block I designed several years ago called Arrows In My Heart.  It is perfect for Valentines Day.   If you would like a PDF of these instructions, give me your email address and I will email the PDF to you.  Just click on "Sew Many Roads" at the bottom of this post and it will take you to a page with a link to my email address.

Arrows In My Heart (12 " x 12" Finished Size)

Abbreviations Used:
   HST = half-square triangle
   FG = Flying Geese
   rec(s) = rectangle(s)
   RS = right side
   sq(s) = square(s)
   tog = together
   WS = wrong side

   White    3" sqs               Cut 6
                 3" x 5¼" recs   Cut 8
   Gray       3" sqs              Cut 12
   Red        3" sqs               Cut 4
                 3" x 5¼" recs   Cut 2
                 2½" x 4½" rec  Cut 1
                 2½" x 8½" rec  Cut 1
   Black      2½" sqs            Cut 6
                 3" sqs              Cut 2

Sew all seams at 1/4"

HST Sqs 

Step 1: Draw diagonal line from corner to corner on the WS of fabric on lightest 3" sq.

Step 2: Place sqs RS tog. Stitch a scant ¼" from line on both sides of line. Cut on line. You will have 2 HST sqs.

Step 3: Press seams towards darkest fabric. Trim sqs to 2½" sq, centering diagonal seam.

Make 4 White/Black HST Sqs

Flying Geese Recs 

Step 1: Draw diagonal line from corner to corner on WS of fabric on 3" sqs.

Step 2: Place 3" sq on upper right corner of 3" x 5¼" rec RS tog. Stitch on line. Cut ¼" from line on corner side. Press towards corner.

 Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for upper left corner of 3" x 5¼" rec. Press towards corner.

 Step 4: Trim recs to 2½" x 4½".

 Make 4 White/Gray FG recs.
Make 2 Red/White FG recs.
Make 2 White/Gray/Red FG recs.
Make 2 White/Red/Gray FG recs.

Arrow Sqs 

Stitch tog 4 Black 2½" sqs and 4 White/Black 2½" HST sqs into 2 Arrow 4 ½" sqs, turning the HST sqs as shown.

Assemble sqs and recs into rows, turning FG recs as shown:

Row 1 – Stitch tog Black 2½" sq + White/Gray FG rec + White/Gray FG rec + Black 2½" sq

Row 2 – Stitch 2 Red/White FG recs tog. Stitch to 1 Red 2½" x 8½" rec.

Stitch 2 White/Gray FG recs to each side of that unit.

Row 3 – Stitch tog 1 White/Gray/Red FG rec + 1 Red 2½" x 4½" rec + 1 White/Red/Gray FG rec.

Row 4 – Stitch 1 White/Red/Gray FG rec + 1 White/Gray/Red FG rec.

Stitch 1 Arrow 4½" sq to each side of that unit.

 Stitch all 4 rows tog to form block.

Here is the quilt I made from this block. I made a variation of the block for the center, substituting red for some of the gray in the FG recs. I also added 4 alternate blocks, sashing and a pieced border which included 4 Arrow blocks.