Mobility Chair Bag

I was asked to make an arm bag for a mobility chair.  So, I took out my sketch pad and drew an outline of what I thought would work.  I decided to put a pocket on the outside with a pretty block on it.  I wanted the bag to finish at 11" wide and 12" long.

I cut out the main fabric pieces for the outside of the bag, lining pieces, and heavy weight fusible interfacing to give the bag some stability.
I pieced the block for the front of the pocket and put a narrow border around it.  I then fused fleece to the back of the block and did some easy quilting on it.  I then sewed the lining to the block, right sides together, leaving a small opening to turn the pocket right sides out.
  I hand stitched the opening closed.
I placed the pocket on the front of the bag and edge stitched around the sides and bottom of the pocket.  I stitched the straps to the back of the bag, then stitched the front and back together.  I clipped a small square on each side of the bottom, then stitched the edges together. 
I repeated the process of sewing the sides and bottom together, clipping the corners, and sewing those edges together for the lining.

I placed the lining in the bag, right sides together, then sewed the lining and bag together around the top, leaving the space between the straps open.  I then turned the bag right side out and pushed the lining to the inside.  I hand stitched the opening, then machine top stitched around the top opening.

I am fairly satisfied with the end result, but I think next time I will make the block/pocket smaller.  Instead of 10" x 10", I will make it 8" x 8".  I think that will work much better.
I used "parachute" clips for the buckles because I think they are easier to operate than D-rings.  However, they are quite a bit more expensive so I may try the D-rings next time to help keep the cost of making the bag down.


  1. Very nice bag and the quilt pattern you used is awesome!!!! Well done!!!! I hope the receiver enjoys it!!!

    1. Thank you Martha :) She loved the bag & it fit perfectly!!


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