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Mobility Chair Bag

I was asked to make an arm bag for a mobility chair.  So, I took out my sketch pad and drew an outline of what I thought would work.  I decided to put a pocket on the outside with a pretty block on it.  I wanted the bag to finish at 11" wide and 12" long.

I cut out the main fabric pieces for the outside of the bag, lining pieces, and heavy weight fusible interfacing to give the bag some stability.
I pieced the block for the front of the pocket and put a narrow border around it.  I then fused fleece to the back of the block and did some easy quilting on it.  I then sewed the lining to the block, right sides together, leaving a small opening to turn the pocket right sides out.
  I hand stitched the opening closed.
I placed the pocket on the front of the bag and edge stitched around the sides and bottom of the pocket.  I stitched the straps to the back of the bag, then stitched the front and back together.  I clipped a small square on each side of the bottom, then stitched the…

More Aprons and Quilts to Finish

Wow....I sold all of the aprons I made at the holiday bazaar.  And, I got an order for 3 more.  So I've been sewing more aprons to fill the special order and to have some extras to post in my shop.
Got them cut out and sewed up in about 3 hours.
It's been really cold out so ran the heater on high.  My little quilting buddy joined me to watch.
After he got tired of watching, he curled up on his pillow that I moved closer to the heater.
Well, now it's time to get some quilts quilted, then binding and labels sewn on.  That should keep me busy for a while ;)