More About My Block

Wow....what a great response to the Blog Tour!  Thank you all for the wonderful comments.  The drawings for the free Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks-Vol 6 magazine and my Christmas Cactus pattern will be held after the Blog Tour so you can still enter by commenting on my November 7th blog post.  Winners will be notified by Saturday, November 10th.

I loved reading through all of the comments about what quilters do or don't munch (or drink) while quilting.  I don't usually have any food around but always my Diet Dr. Pepper.  That's pretty much a given for me anywhere!!  And thanks to everyone for the nice compliments about my block.

I do want to share some of the things that were said about my block on QM's Facebook page.  Things like:   "Is that the way it's supposed to look??"  "It doesn't look right!!"  "Looks like a mistake to me." 

I loved these comments actually because they were what my husband said when I first showed him the ;)  And.....I do have to agree for the most part.  The block isn't symmetrical at all like a traditional block and look odd.  But, that's what I intended after all :)  It is based on a Hibiscus flower (or Rose of Sharon) and the flower itself isn't symmetrical either.

So.....I thank EVERYONE for their comments.  They were all appreciated.


  1. If I were to describe your block, the adjective I would use is "organic". I knew immediately that you were replicating the natural look of a flower :-)

  2. Hey Cindy!! I love your block and now seeing your inspiration for it, AWESOME!!!


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