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2 Dams - 3 Checkpoints - 1 Quilt Shop

I got back home yesterday from a very nice 3 day motorcycle trip.  The weather was gorgeous but there was lots of smoke from all the fires going on.  I picked up two more dams (I'm doing the, three checkpoints (I'm also doing the Rose City Motorcycle Club Grand Tour), and stopped by a wondeful quilt shop in LaPine called Homestead Quilts.

Homestead Quilts is located at 51425 Hwy 97 in LaPine.  Their website is:

I really enjoyed my stop there.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful.  They even offered to watch my jacket while I shopped.  They said they get motorcycle riders in there all the time and stash their helmets and gear so they can shop without having to pack all those things.
There were lots of wonderful things in the store.  Of course I had to get some fabric.  I found some that will be perfect for the background on a quilt I'm in the process of developing a pattern for.  Can't wait to try it!