Linn County Fair Quilts

Well, the Linn County Fair has come and gone for another year.  I got to spend some time Friday and Saturday in the quilt section helping out with the Santiam Scrappers' Quilt Guild's display.  I always enjoy getting to talk to people about quilting......especially the kids!  I usually take some hand work like applique and that always gets folks stopping by and asking "Whatcha doing??"  So....I give them a quick lesson in needle turn applique.

I finally got my Celtic applique quilt done.  I called it "Wee Little Knots" and entered it in the fair.
 I also finished my project from Barbara Shapels thread painting workshop and entered that one.

There were lots of gorgeous quilts this year.  Everyone did a wonderful job with their quilts.

I posted pictures of many of the quilts on my Facebook page if you'd like to look - just click on the following link:

Carter Creek Quilts Facebook - Linn County Fair Quilts 2012


  1. It sounds like a fun time and beautiful quilts. Congratulations on the ribbons, they are both stunning quilts.



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