Quilted Scarf

I've been thinking about making quilted scarves for a while now so finally just jumped in and made one.  What a fun, quick project to do!  It was something I could start and finish in a day (or less...) and wear when I was done :)  Here's what I made:

I went through my stash, picked out, & cut my fabrics.
 Cut into strips & blocks.
 Light squares all marked for making half-square triangle squares.
 1/4" stitching done.
 Cut on line, now ready to press open.
 All pressed & trimmed to correct size.
 All the squares & borders sewn together.
 Quilting is a piece of cake on a project this size!!
 Scarf is all quilted & binding sewn on.  This was my first time for an all-machine sewn binding.  I think it turned out rather nice :)
 Closeup of finished scarf.


  1. Beautiful Scraf! Thanks for sharing...Judith, Texas


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