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Trying to Catch Up On Quilting

Like most quilters, I have several quilt tops done but not put together into quilts yet.  So....I thought it would be a good project for me to dig a couple of those tops out and do some quilting on these rainy days.

I decided to start out with a small one to try out some new spray on temporary adhesive I got.  It's a hand appliqued Celtic design and I tried some machine quilted feathers and hearts on it for a warm-up for the larger quilts.  I'm working on finishing the binding in the evenings.
 I used a 40 wt cotton thread for the quilting and am not happy with the results.  There is too much thread build-up on the top and underneath.  I'm going to use a lighter weight for the next one.

On to a large quilt.  This one is 85" x 85" so takes up quite a bit of space on my sewing table and around the machine.  I've drafted (VERY roughly) where the motifs will be placed and some general quilting.  My final quilting won't include meandering but other designs. 

Quilted Scarf

I've been thinking about making quilted scarves for a while now so finally just jumped in and made one.  What a fun, quick project to do!  It was something I could start and finish in a day (or less...) and wear when I was done :)  Here's what I made:

I went through my stash, picked out, & cut my fabrics.  Cut into strips & blocks.  Light squares all marked for making half-square triangle squares.  1/4" stitching done.  Cut on line, now ready to press open.  All pressed & trimmed to correct size.  All the squares & borders sewn together.  Quilting is a piece of cake on a project this size!!  Scarf is all quilted & binding sewn on.  This was my first time for an all-machine sewn binding.  I think it turned out rather nice :)  Closeup of finished scarf.

I'm Trying Something New (to me)

Well, I finally decided to try making some of my patterns available as downloads.  I have three (3) loaded now on my shop (link is on the left of the page).  I'm hoping they will be a hit for those who like to get their patterns right away & not pay quite so much for them.  I'm going to try to get most of the rest of my patterns available as downloads in the near future too.

Let me know what you think about downloads in general.  Do you like them?  Do you think they're a waste of time?  Are they too much trouble to print out? 

In the meantime, I'm finishing the binding on a new quilt that will be a pattern coming out through Arbee Designs soon.  It has applique designs as well as piecing. 

I'm also wanting to get several quilt tops that I've had done for quite a while......sigh.....finally made up into quilts.  I'll post pictures as I progress on those :) 

Hope you all are having a great day!