My First "Dam" Ride of the Year

I went on my first motorcycle ride as part of DamTour 2012 last week.  DamTour is a self-guided ride that starts on March 1 and goes through September 30 each year.  (  Each rider is given a placard with their assigned number.  There are 20 pre-determined "dam" destinations that a rider must go to and take a picture of the dam to include the number placard.  A rider must go to all 8 in Oregon to receive a pin for that state and all 8 in Washington for that pin.  The remaining 4 dams are scattered in nearby states and sometimes Canada.  They are bonus dams.  Riders completing all 20 dams will receive a nice trophy at the end of the season. 

I snagged my first dam for the season.  It was a chilly morning which followed a night of scattered rain/snow mix and reports of some snow build up in neighboring towns.  Wow....not really the type of weather I had hoped for!  Ok, not a time to turn into a marshmallow....I am a bike rider after all.....right??  So, I waited until late morning when the temperatures got up to 38 degrees, then hubby and I suited up for the ride.

The roads were clear for the most part but wet.  We did go through an area of slush but didn't get into any ice....thank goodness!  I got my picture taken at the dam on the South side.  This one is Lebanon Dam.

We looped through Lebanon to come back on the North side of the dam.

All in all it was a pretty nice ride.  It didn't rain!!  The temperature was all the way up to around 42 by the time we got home.  Oh, did I say the dam was only about 10 miles away?  So we didn't have to stay out in the cold for very long ;)

The other 19 dams will have to wait until there is a lot of snow melt.  I usually travel back roads as much as possible and every one of the routes to the other dams is still under quite a bit of snow.  No problem though.....I have until September 30 to get to all the dams so can wait for warmer weather to get here.