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Thread Painting Workshop

I spent the day in Salem at a workshop sponsored by the Mid-Valley Quilt Guild.  It was presented by Barbara Shapel ( who is a contemporary fiber artist from Washington.  She provided great information about threads and needles and best sizes and types to use for machine quilting and stitching.  She also showed us how to thread paint a quilt called Heron Moon.  I had a blast!!

These are pictures of the quilt Barbara did.  It's totally reversible!

This is one side of the quilt.
And....this is the reverse!
 Barbara demonstrating thread painting.
Here is what I accomplished today.  I know it doesn't look like much, but it will develop quickly.

After I finish our income taxes (ugh!) I plan on taking a day to just play out in my quilting "outhouse" and finish this quilt.  I can't wait!

This is another of Barbara's gorgeous quilts.  She did some fabric painting on the owl before the thread painting.  Isn't it fantastic!


And the Winner Is......

Thank you all for posting your comments on my blog and for participating in the St Patrick's Day Blog Hop by Quilting Bloggers.  I hope you had fun visiting all the different blogs!

And now.......the winner of my Irish Winds pattern is:

Pam K !!!


A Winner Has Been Picked

The winner of the Irish Winds quilt pattern has been randomly picked and notified by email.  Once I receive confirmation from that person I will post their first name on the blog.

I want to thank everyone for visiting my blog and I hope you will continue to visit in the future.  I plan to post updates of my quilting projects, motorcycle rides, and anything else that sounds interesting.  I want to stop at quilt shops when I go on my rides so will post information about those shops too.

Thanks again to all!

St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop Party!!

My shop - Carter Creek Quilts - is participating in the Quilting Gallery's St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop Party!!  The Blog Hop Party starts shortly after midnight on March 17th and lasts until midnight, March 23rd.  There will be lots of give-aways on the participating blogs.
I will be giving away one of my patterns - Irish Winds.
This is the quilt I made from the pattern:

If you would like a chance to win this pattern, you need to tell about your favorite quilting technique in the Comments section below, but please not before the 17th.  Do you like to machine piece, hand applique, hand piece, use die cuts, or whatever your preference is, share it.

A winner will be chosen at random and notified on March 24th.  The winner's name will then be posted on this blog and that person will need to contact me within a day to provide me with their mailing address.  If I don't hear from the winner within a day, a subsequent name will be picked and that person notified.  Sorry, I do n…

AQS Blog Winner of the Week!

My blog was chosen by American Quilters' Society (AQS) as their Blog Winner of the Week last week!!  This is so exciting for me, especially since I am so new to blogging.  I wasn't really sure just where to start, but I must have gotten off in the right direction.  I hope to post lots of interesting things here for you in the future.
Thank you AQS!

My First "Dam" Ride of the Year

I went on my first motorcycle ride as part of DamTour 2012 last week.  DamTour is a self-guided ride that starts on March 1 and goes through September 30 each year.  (  Each rider is given a placard with their assigned number.  There are 20 pre-determined "dam" destinations that a rider must go to and take a picture of the dam to include the number placard.  A rider must go to all 8 in Oregon to receive a pin for that state and all 8 in Washington for that pin.  The remaining 4 dams are scattered in nearby states and sometimes Canada.  They are bonus dams.  Riders completing all 20 dams will receive a nice trophy at the end of the season. 

I snagged my first dam for the season.  It was a chilly morning which followed a night of scattered rain/snow mix and reports of some snow build up in neighboring towns.  Wow....not really the type of weather I had hoped for!  Ok, not a time to turn into a marshmallow....I am a bike rider after all.....right??  So, I waited…

Keeping My Hands & Mind Busy

I've been spending time inside on these cold days to work on new quilt pattern designs.  One that I'm working on today will be a wall hanging with blocks forming a Celtic type design.  I am so looking forward to warmer weather and my flowers blooming, so I decided to add some applique flowers to the middle of the quilt to brighten it up.

I can't wait to get started with the actual sewing!  But, first things first......I have to get all of the details done, like calculating fabric yardage, so I can finish the draft of the pattern.  Then I can make a quilt from it.

Even though I do most of my designing using EQ7, I do all of the calculating by hand.  For this quilt, I drew out all of the different blocks so I could see just how many differences there were going to be.  I'm a visual person so this helps me.

Then came the calculations....

After I get all the uggy stuff done, I'll get to go to sew.  I'll post the progress so you can see how I put it all together.  I…