New Project

I went out this afternoon & cleaned up my "outhouse."  That's the small building "out of the house" where I do my sewing & quilting. 

I started by finally putting away all of the Christmas fabric left over after making stockings.  I know.....I'm late getting this done.

I got the rest of the "mess" cleaned up so I would have a tidy sewing table to start my new project.  Now to start the fun stuff :)

My latest project is to make a quilt using a block I designed for a well-known magazine.  I put together a design with an additional block for interest.  The block for the magazine is appliqued with beads added.  The additional block will be paper-pieced.  I got my fabrics pre-washed, ironed, & laid out.

The beads I will machine stitch to the appliqued block. 


In future posts, I will do step-by-steps on how I paper-piece, machine applique, & machine stitch beads.  I hope you will join me for those.