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Peek at New Quilt

I got my latest quilt done.  It's a wall hanging that looks very Springy.  I can only give you a peek at it before I send it off.   I hope to show the entire quilt to you soon.  It has paper piecing, machine applique, machine embroidery, and machine stitched beading.  It was a fun one to do.

I plan on working on the horse block next so will post pictures as I progress on that one. 
I hope to get outside some this week to do some Spring cleaning in my flowerbeds.  I see crocus poking their little noses up and think the daffodils will be coming soon.

Rainy Day - Lots of Sewing

Where did the beautiful sunshine go!!  Am really missing it, but I know we're probably in for many, many days of rain & dark now which is what we have right now.  Ugh :(  I love being able to take a short break from my sewing to look out my Outhouse window at blue sky & sunshine.  Oh well, I know it will be back one of these days...

I'm working on putting together all of the New York Beauty styled blocks for a quilt.  It sure is tedious trying to get all of the curves stitched properly without stretching the fabrics.  I will share my technique in a later post after the quilt is done & sent off.  In the meantime, it's back to stitching the little buggers together.  Catch you later!

Teaser for Upcoming Blocks

I'm working on a series of blocks that I plan on releasing throughout 2012.  They will be horses done in applique - either hand or machine appliqued.  As I work on a block, I will show the steps for putting it together. 

Here is a "teaser" for the first of the series.  This is part of the pattern which will include suggested quilting in dotted lines.

This is the cut out piece using freezer paper for the template.

New Project

I went out this afternoon & cleaned up my "outhouse."  That's the small building "out of the house" where I do my sewing & quilting. 

I started by finally putting away all of the Christmas fabric left over after making stockings.  I know.....I'm late getting this done.

I got the rest of the "mess" cleaned up so I would have a tidy sewing table to start my new project.  Now to start the fun stuff :)

My latest project is to make a quilt using a block I designed for a well-known magazine.  I put together a design with an additional block for interest.  The block for the magazine is appliqued with beads added.  The additional block will be paper-pieced.  I got my fabrics pre-washed, ironed, & laid out.

The beads I will machine stitch to the appliqued block. 

In future posts, I will do step-by-steps on how I paper-piece, machine applique, & machine stitch beads.  I hope you will join me for those.