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Quilt Pictures

Okay, I've been playing around with the "Pages" feature & have added a few pages of pictures of quilts I've made for the past several years.  Hope you enjoy browsing :) 

Quilts made from patterns I've designed are so noted & they are all available for purchase on my store.  The link is on the right.

Baby Quilts

I made a couple of baby quilts last week for a special person's new little guy who will be appearing soon.  These were really fun to do.  

This is the Cowboy quilt:

 And here's the John Deere quilt:


Well, I finally am trying a blog.  Please bear with me while I blunder my way through :)  I hope to be putting some things in here that will be interesting to everyone. 

We're still having lots of rain & flooding around here.   This is a picture of what should be one of our dry trails but instead is a "river" of water.

This is Patrick trying to stay dry & warm.  He's not at all happy about the rain :(