Sunday, June 11, 2017

Folded Flower Quilt

I've been trying to finish some of the multitude of projects I have to be done.  One of which is putting together a quilt with some of the Folded Flower Blocks I made.

This is a finished block.

Nine blocks done.

Sashing strips added to form rows.

More sashing strips and blocks added to form rows of sashing between the block rows.

A print border added to finish the quilt top.

The next step will be to layer the quilt (sandwich) and quilt it.  I will post pictures of the finished quilt when it gets done.  But, who knows when that will be...haha ;)

I do have a PDF available free of the Folded Flower Block instructions.  Unfortunately, I don't know how to post it here in the blog.  If you would like a copy of the instructions, you will need to go to my Carter Creek Quilts Facebook page, send me a Message with your email address, and I will send the PDF to you.  Carter Creek Quilts on Facebook

Monday, May 22, 2017

Thank You Quiltmaker Magazine!

Congratulations to all the lucky winners during Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks - Vol 15 Blog Tour.  What a fun event that was.  And, thank you to Quiltmaker Magazine and all the designers for making it all  happen.

Check out Quiltmaker's blog about the winners.

Thank you to everyone who participated and visited my blog.  I hope to see you back again!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Make a Pit Stop With Me! Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks-Volume 15 Blog Tour Road Rally

Welcome to my blog!  I hope you all are enjoying your road rally during Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 15, Blog Tour Road Rally!

I will be giving away a few goodies during this Blog Tour Road Rally and will have information about how to enter towards the end of this blog.  Be sure not to take any detours - you don't want to take the wrong turn and get lost!

I am honored to have a block I designed chosen for the magazine.  It is called Desert Eyes, and is Block #1460 on page 40 - smack, dab in the middle of the magazine.
I'm afraid my inspiration and reasons for designing this block are somewhat boring.  When I design a block, I usually sit down at my computer and start doodling in Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) until I come up with something I like.  This time was no exception.   After a while, I decided I wanted to end up with a block that had a Southwestern look, so that steered me in the direction I needed to accomplish that.  I also used beige, brown, and turquoise as my colors to stay with that theme.

I put together a few layouts using EQ7 to share with you.  The first is showing the blocks all the same direction, with a border made of Half-Square Triangle (HST) squares.

In this one, I turned every other block sideways.  It gives the quilt just a slightly different look.

Next, I added a different block for contrast.  It's a fairly basic block, but give yet another different look.

I did color changes again.  I changed the brown to dark blue, the turquoise to light blue, and the beige to off-white.

And lastly, I change some of the light blue to bright yellow.

Don't be afraid to play with colors when making your quilts.  It can be surprising sometimes how just a little change can create such different looks.  Most of all - HAVE FUN!

Now for some shameless promoting.  I have a business called Carter Creek Quilts.  Most of the time I sell online at  I design and sell quilt patterns, quilts, aprons, scarves, and other quilted items.  I also crochet Spool Pin Doilies to dress up your sewing machines that have vertical spool pins.  Here are pictures of a couple.  One is ruffled in variegated pinks, and the other is flat in bright colors.  I have over 25 colors available.
 Yes, those are some of my machines.  I search, scavenge, and rescue vintage sewing machines.  Once I get them home, I clean, tweek, tighten, oil, shine, and get them running like new again.  I have way too much fun, but that's another story entirely.

Okay, you've been more than patient, so here's the scoop on what I'm giving away.  If you want to try for one of these goodies, you need to write a comment on this blog post.  Any comment will do - what you think about my block, the blog, what the weather is doing at your place, what your favorite color is - really, anything at all!  But, in order for me to get hold of you if your name is selected, you will need to include an email address if you are a no-reply blogger.  This giveaway will run until 8:00 p.m. EST on Friday, May 5, 2017.  I will use a random number selector to determine who gets the giveaways that evening and will try to contact the winners after that time.

So, here are the goodies being given away:

GIVEAWAY #1 - One Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 15 magazine.  After your name is drawn, and I contact you, I will send your name and address to Quiltmaker magazine.  Your magazine will be sent directly from them.

GIVEAWAY #2 - One Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 15 magazine PLUS one quilt pattern (designed by me) called V-Twin.  Both of these items will be sent to the winner directly from me.

GIVEAWAY #3 - One quilt pattern (designed by me) called Bunnies In My Yard.  This pattern will be sent to the winner directly from me.

Here are pictures of finished quilts from the patterns just to give you an idea what they can look like.


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 15

Ok everyone - get ready for the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 15 Blog Tour!  It starts May 1 and goes through May 5, 2017.  I have a block that I designed in the magazine and my tour day will be Tuesday, May 2.  Be sure to stop by for highlights of my block.  There will be lots of giveaways throughout the blog tour.  Don't miss out!

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Tour

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Got Ribbons at Mid-Valley Quilt Guild's 2017 Show

Wow!  I entered two of my quilts in the 2017 Mid-Valley Quilt Guild's show this year and both got ribbons!  I am beyond thrilled :)

The quilt that got a Blue ribbon is my Boots 'n' Broncs.  It got a first place in the Child/Juvenile Quilts category.  It's one that I designed and made from my pattern that I sell in my shop - Carter Creek Quilts.  I am also selling the quilt there.

I did the free-motion quilting on my Janome Memory Craft 6500.  Here are a couple pictures of the quilt at the show:

My other quilt that was judged is my Bug Trails quilt.  It got a Red ribbon (second place) in the Mixed Techniques - Small Quilts category.  It also got a Special Award from Finally Together Quilt Shop for Best Mixed Techniques.  Thank you Finally Together!

This was a fun quilt to do.  I made it for a quilt challenge by the Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild in 2015.  The center block is based on Mickey Depre's designs.  The rest of the quilt I designed myself.  I did the free-motion quilting on my Janome Memory Craft 6500.

What a great show it was.  There were lots of beautiful quilts.  I took a bunch of pictures and posted them on my Facebook page:  Mid-Valley Quilt Guild's 2017 Quilt Show

Time to start working on some quilts for the 2019 show!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

More Vintage Sewing Machines

Oh yeah, I am a vintage sewing machine junkie for sure!  Last week, I bought three more of the old beauties - I just couldn't help myself!  The difference this time is that these three are actually in nice working order and not from someone's junk pile.  While I do love doing rescues, once in a very great while I have to get one (or, in this case, three!) that's already cleaned up and working.  A very nice gentleman had a bunch of beautiful old machines he was selling.  He said that after his wife passed away a few years ago, he has gradually lost interest in the old machines.  I do understand that when you lose your life partner, many things just don't mean the same.

Well, anyway, he had lots of machines, but I just don't have room for treadles, so had to walk by those.  But, he just happened to have some very nice table models that caught my eye.  Most of his machines were "special."  In other words, not your everyday Singers and Whites, but not ones you see very often.  Since he was cleaning out, his prices were way below reasonable, so I had to get three...haha ;)

Even though all were in great condition, I still had to spend some time this afternoon polishing, oiling, and just plain fondling the old girls.  Oops, I hope that doesn't sound too perverted...haha.  Those of you who have been bitten by the Vintage Sewing Machine bug know what I mean!  I haven't sewn on these machines yet, but all three are in great working condition.

One is a Davis Vertical Feed with a hand crank.  This one was made some time between 1860 and 1870.  I haven't been able to track down a closer date, but hope to find it one day.  She doesn't have feed dogs, but has a foot much like a modern walking foot.  As you sew, the food actually moves front to back to feed the fabric through.  It's more than fun to watch!  This one has a coffin top lid.

This one was manufactured by Hengstenbeg in Germany.  She's called a "Housewife's Delight" and was made around 1895.  She has a beautiful Mother-of-Pearl inlay in the bed.  I had not seen that before.  This one also has a coffin top lid.

The last one is a Willcox & Gibbs, Model 64.  The closest I can get to a manufacture year is 1912.  What a unique machine this is!  It runs so smoothly and is super fast!  It's hard to believe this is the newest of the three.  It's amazing how heavy it is too.  It has a huge foot pedal.

Here's a video of the machine running.  Better keep your fingers out of the way on this one!

I guess the nice man I got these from saw that I was completely hooked because before I left, he GAVE me an absolutely gorgeous 1919 Singer 66.  That worked out perfectly for me, because I wanted to switch out a 1901 Singer 27 I had that was in very poor condition with a machine in better shape.  Well, I put the Singer 66 into the nice cabinet in place of the 27.  It was perfect!

What a great end to a week!  Oh, I also took three quilts in for a quilt show coming up next weekend.  I will have another story and pictures next week about that show.  Stay tuned......

Monday, April 3, 2017

Piecing Today - Queen Sized Quilt Top

I finally got some time to go to my "Outhouse" to start piecing a queen sized quilt top I've had fabric for sitting around for a long time.  I got out my Singer 301A to work on this project.  I love these little machines for straight stitching.  In my opinion, they out stitch any of the others I've used.  Don't get me wrong, I love all my vintage machines (Singer 221, 401A, 404, & 27), but the 301As overall perform the best for me.

Chain stitching the Half-Square Triangle Squares.

I never get tired of my view over the machine.  We had a beautiful day.

The center lines have all been scant 1/4" stitched and cut to form 2 piles of 50 HST squares each.  The left pile I will press the seams towards the darker fabric, the right pile I will press the seams towards the lighter fabric.  Why press the seams in different directions for half of the HST squares?  Once I begin stitching the squares together into rows, the seams will "nest" together because of the way each square is turned.

All 100 HST squares have the seams pressed in the appropriate directions.

Now, each HST square needs to be trimmed to 8 1/2" squares.

Here I start laying out all of the HST squares into their proper formation.  This is the start of the center of the quilt top.

Stitching the HST squares together into rows.  

I'm loving my new 1/4" foot I got from Nova's Featherweights & Quilting.  Not only does it work great on my 301s, but it will also fit the 221s.  It's just right for stitching a perfect 1/4" seam!

That's it for today.  I will post more progress in days to come.